Telecom’s Roxanne Salton explains the real promise of mobile wallets

Mobile Wallet

If you are looking for ways to differentiate your offering, transform customer service and gain insights into consumer buying patterns, then Roxanne Salton’s presentation at FWD_WEB: The Future of Mobility explains why you need to get ready for the mobile wallet.

Roxanne is head of mobile payments and mobile commerce at Telecom, and explains that the mobile wallet is taking off in New Zealand, with 480,000 contactless transactions in May.

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Simplifying your collaborations in an increasingly demanding world


I recently wrote about hosted unified communications and the reasons for reconsidering its merits now that its many features equaled or even bettered those of on-premise UC solutions. The over-arching benefit, I think, is that hosted UC enables greater responsiveness of IT to the ever-changing business environment.

So, assuming you do decide that hosted UC offers benefits over on-premise UC, the next decision is whether you pull something together from the many providers out there offering different services and, potentially, disparate service levels and integration capabilities, or do you look for a single vendor that can deliver it all.

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5 reasons your business should reconsider hosted unified communications


Hosted Unified Communications (UC) has historically been disregarded by many businesses as it has been unable to come close to offering the features obtained using on-premise solutions.

Like many technology decisions, yesterday’s stroke of genius could be today’s folly. The technology has advanced and the collaboration services one can obtain from the cloud are likely to benefit businesses in more ways than one; especially those companies looking for an end-to-end solution. So now might be the right time to revisit the topic.

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Nice Smartphone – how are you paying for it?

nicesmartphoneThe advent of the Smartphone and connected tablet are creating new opportunities to push staff out of the office to interact directly with the public.

Huge productivity gains beckon as the need to take notes and return to home base to enter data evaporates. Staff can now connect to their applications on the fly and citizens gain instant satisfaction.

So the connected workforce in its most simple format leads to happier people, a better balance sheet and more satisfied staff – what could possibly be wrong with this?

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Top 10 Apps to get the most out of your Android smartphone


There are now over 800,000 apps that can be downloaded for Android smartphones.  That sheer volume can be a little overwhelming, so here are the top 10 apps I install to get the most out of my Android devices.

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